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Rats and Mice are Pests. They can spread disease and cause damage to buildings. We offer a full range of safe and efficient Rat Control, Rat elimination and Mice control services in the Lewisham SE13 area.


Our trained Rodent control  staff are always available to assist you in controlling rodents and rodent infestations. We use the most up-to-date methods and applications available to rid your property of Rats and Mice.


Rats and Mice breed rapidly so dont delay in calling the Rodent Control experts and let your Rat or Mouse problem be our problem.


Once we have cleared your property of Rodents, We will supply you with the necessary advice as to how to prevent further Rodent Infestations and can even offer you the 'proofing' service to prevent further rodent ingress.

We have been carrying out Rodent control operations, Mice control and Rat control in the Lewisham SE13 area since 1985 and are experts in the control of Rodents in Lewisham SE13.

Our Rodent, rat and Mice control technicians are trained to BPCA standards and can eradicate your Rodent infestation in Lewisham SE13 in a professional manner .

We have local Rodent control Technicians close by to Lewisham SE13 and therefore our Rodent control prices are very cost effective 

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The Common Rat


Description:- A Large Rodent that can measure up to 40cm in length. Colour can vary but is usually dull grey/brown in colour


Biology:-Rats are omnivorous and whilst they prefer to feed on cereals and grains, they will almost eat anything! One of the main characteristics of Rats is that they are Neophobic- scared of anything new and can take 4-5 days before they accept a new object into their environment.Contrary to popular belief, Rats are very clean and spend up to 20% of their time grooming themselves. They are carriers of many diseases, the most common being Weil's Disease, which can be fatal to humans. Rats take between 2-3 months to reach sexual maturity and can have up to 7 litters each year with the avergae size of each litter numbering 8. Pestline Service can assist you in gaining control of Rat problems and advise you against re-infestation. 

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The House Mouse

Description:-A small Rodent with grey/brown fur and normally less than 90mm in length, weighing approx 20 grams.


Biology:-Also omnivorous, Mice eat approx 10% of their body weight daily. In many cases they do not need a water source as they extract moisture from their food.Mice typically live for up to 1 year, reach sexual maturity after 6 weeks and can have 8 litters per annum, with the avergae size being 5.


Pestline can control Mice infestations using a variety of safe measures and will agree the programme with our clients, advising as to necessary housekeeping adjustments and preventing against re-infestation. 

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