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We have been controlling Fleas and carrying out Flea eradication treatment in Catford SE6 for over 25 years. 

Our Catford Flea control technicians are professional and can offer Flea control treatment, Flea control advice and Flea control in Catford SE6 .

We have local Catford based Flea control and Flea eradication specialists 

Fleas do not live on humans but will readily feed on us after leaving the primary host, usually cats and dogs.


Successful Flea treatments and riddance of fleas requires co-operation from you inconjunction with our expertise.


Our Flea helpline will advise you of all the necessary preparation that you'll need to carry out prior to treament and our flea controllers will treat your property for fleas in a safe and efficient method.


Up to date insecticides are adopted meaning that eradication of flea problems are just a phone call away.


For fast, efficient, safe flea control call the experts.

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Description:- Adult Fleas are approx 2-3mm in length and are generally shiny dark brown in colour. They have a thin, flattened body and large hind legs which allow them to jump onto passing hosts.


Biology:-Fleas eggs are around 0.5mm long, oval shaped and white in colour.4-8 eggs are laid after each blood meal and a female may produce 800-1000 eggs during her typical 2 year life span. The larvae thrive in dark, humid areas such as animal bedding and will feed on organic material and adult flea excrement.


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