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Pigeons and Seagulls are the most common types of bird in and around Beckenham.

Not only can they cause damage to your business or property but they are also a health hazard dues to the diseases they can potentially carry, Quick action to eliminate any bird pests is always recommended.


We adopt many methods to deal with your pigeon nuisances around Beckenham and will advise you of the best method with a free survey, These methods can include a combination of solutions i.e bird netting, bird spikes and other deterrents to prevent the problem reoccurring. 


Our Beckenham team provide the full range of anti roosting measures and deterrents which we are more than happy to inform you of via email or phone.


We supply and install pigeon and bird deterrent systems to all sorts of buildings and also carry out a pigeon fouling clean-up service in and around Beckenham.

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