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Here in the UK we are mainly effect by ants during our summer months, during these months flying ants also become a nuisance.

At Pestline we deal with numerous types ant Infestations, from the common Garden ant to more complex exotic types like Pharaohs, ghost and Argentine ants although the later are less common in the UK


Recent advances in Insecticides make ant control easier than it was 25 years ago in Sevenoaks!


Flying Ants are common during one or two warm, humid days each summer, where Queen Ants and males take flight and mate. The forming of new colonies starts with a mated winged female digging into the earth to see the winter months through.

We advise that if your suffering from a a small ant problem then are two main steps to take to start with;

  • Track the ants to their source and seal them off, They usually form small mounds in earth to enter/exit there nest.
  • Make sure any loose food is kept sealed and any food residues have been cleaned up especially behind cookers and on counter tops


If problems still persist or you have a much larger infestation we can assist you with all of your Ant problems. We can arrange treatments and offer advice in eradicating Ant infestations in Sevenoaks


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